Get Into the Spring of Things

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get into the cleaning and organizing spirit. The “I’ll get to it later” time is here! Out of sight out of mind is an approach we can conquer with a positive outlook and consistency. The first step is getting started, which can sometimes be the biggest challenge. Get into the mindset of one step at a time. 

Organizing and cleaning can become overwhelming when life has kept us busy and all of a sudden we are knee-deep in clutter. Before we know it, items start to pile up and get shoved to the back of a closet. We might not even realize the amount of time things have been accumulating, or we’ve become accustomed to it. We may know we need to go through a box or area filled with stuff we walk by every day. The longer it sits there, the more okay we become with the idea of “it’s not that bad.” When we do decide it’s time to tackle it, it can be overwhelming. Have you asked yourself, “How did this happen?” or “What am I going to do with all this?” One look around and you’re ready to give up before you’ve even started. The end game may not be in sight, but the first goal is to simply start! Take a deep breath and trust the process. 

Turn Key Tips to Start Spring Cleaning

Tip 1: Start with the areas of your home where clutter resides the most.

Some key areas could be closets or the garage, while others could be smaller like the laundry room or the top of the dining room table that has turned into a drop zone. Assess your clutter focal points. Look through piled-up items and begin to make a mental note of what can stay, what can be used elsewhere, and what can be donated or tossed. 

Tip 2: Make a plan and edit your items.

This will allow for a “big picture.” Look at what you have and group like items together. Become aware of the things you forgot you had or things that you’ve been looking for and just haven’t been able to find. Don’t be surprised if you come across duplicates or even triplicates! Getting rid of the excess clutter makes cleaning quicker and easier. Now is the time to go ahead and clean those areas that may have been covered for a while. Take the time to dust, wipe down, vacuum, and mop your space before putting items back. As you are editing items, create 4 basic zones: keep, sell, donate, toss/recycle.

Tip 3: Establish categories to start sorting and grouping like items together.

You should have some idea by now of what is staying and what’s no longer needed. Categorize the keep items, e.g.,  towels, shoes, decorations, cleaning supplies, and office materials. You can even break those into subcategories: Christmas décor, bathroom cleaning supplies vs. kitchen cleaning supplies, master & guest room towel sets, winter vs. summer shoes. This helps to make sure every item has an assigned space and can be utilized accordingly. This way you will know where things are and not get jumbled back together again or become unused. Don’t forget to label anything that goes in a container!  The last thing we want to do is dig through containers because we don’t know what’s in them. 

Tip 4: Enhance your organizing process.

Keep your process fun by incorporating the use of practical and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. Try getting a matching basket set, or containers that roll for easier access to larger, heavier items. Arrange kitchen items with the use of spice racks with labels, or fridge containers for your fruits and vegetables. A Lazy-Susan can be used not only for dry goods in the kitchen pantry but it can be used for skincare products that will give you more bathroom counter space. We even love small divided Lazy-Susans for office supplies and craft items. Bring in some bamboo drawer dividers for your dresser drawers and multi-purpose hangers for additional space in the closet. The options are endless! Click the link here for some of Turn Key’s favorite recommended organizing products 

Tip 5: Establish a routine.

Now that you see the progress you have made, keep this in mind for the rest of the year. Remember that feeling of satisfaction when you see how organized your space can be. Decluttering is a process and needs to be ongoing but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Every month choose an area or category of items to go through. If you’re really motivated, dedicate one day or evening a week to edit your items. Big or small, do what works best for you. The more frequently you take action the easier things become, the more steadily you progress, and the quicker you start to see the results you want taking root in your home. Remember, you don’t have to be extreme, just consistent. It’s the little things that are going to make the process enjoyable. Cleaning and organizing can be therapeutic if you let it!

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